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    Vegan diet made easy

The easyVEGAN Story

  • From self-experimentation to entrepreneurship

    Hello! We, Cassandra Winter and Martin Jager, are the founders of easyVEGAN. Everything started in autumn 2013 with a self-test. Driven by curiosity we wanted to experience how our bodies react to vegan nutrition. After 6 weeks we finished the self-test.

    That was a mistake.

    Even more noticeable than at the beginning, when we started again with our usual but health-oriented diet we realized afternoon fatigue, fullness, inertia – all that we took for granted before.

    The test showed us that things can be done differently. That’s why we decided to stick to the vegan diet in the future. Since that time the food offer outside the house in our home Salzburg was more than modest, we started with “Vegan at home”. By itself, however, the vegan diet was quickly practiced outside of one’s own four walls.

  • Finally burger again!

    Since Cassandra loves burgers, the longing for a really good vegan burger was huge. All tested tofu and vegetable burgers were irritant, had no bite and the taste left something to be desired.  That’s why Cassandra set out to create a burger patty. After more than a year and hundreds of experimental trials, Cassandra found the perfect main ingredient with the ordinary plate lens. Cassandra’s burgers were so well received by the circle of friends that a passionate meat lover said: “This you could easily sell!” Said, done.

  • Vegan on the go

    In autumn 2015 Cassandra bought a sales trailer, rebuilt it and launched the “Vleischplanzerl” – Austria’s first vegan food trailer. Present at city festivals, culinary events, sporting events and concerts throughout Austria and Bavaria, the feedback from customers on Cassandra’s burger creations was overwhelming. However, the burger enjoyment for the guests was only short-lived, as the rolling vegan cuisine was already on tour for the next event after a few days. Lots of customer inquiries about where to buy these lentil patties led us to the next step.

  • The beginning of easyVEGAN

    In order to make the lentil based products accessible to a broad mass, the idea arose to expand the small patty factory into a production facility. Life partner Martin joined and easyVEGAN was founded in April 2017. Before the first lentil patties could be delivered, however, it was necessary to examine all legal requirements and trade guidelines. A separate production facility was set up and approved. The time until the first product came off the production line was used to intensively optimize the product and everything around it – from packaging to handling – in collaboration with chefs, restaurateurs and end consumers. This resulted in the four basic shapes of balls, patties, sliders and sticks, which can be used to cover the majority of the needs. At the turn of the year 2018/2019, the first cartons with easyVEGAN products were shipped to customers.

The easyVEGAN lentil products are also available for gastronomy.

These can be ordered directly or ordered at Austrian wholesalers for catering, hotel and communal catering.