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  • easyVEGAN is loved by everyone!

    For Food Service and Retail
  • Very easy with easyVEGAN

    With easyVEGAN you have a product for all guest groups

easyVEGAN is loved by everyone!

easyVEGAN offers partially ready-made frozen products based on lentils that do not need to be de-frosted for cooking.

The easyVEGAN products are sustainable, purely natural, plant-based (vegan), lactose-free, gluten-free, GMO free, free of preservatives, free of artificial flavors, & palm oil-free. Are Halal, Kosher, healthy – they contain all essential amino acids and are rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acids. And with their near meat-like taste – above all:

They taste great to everyone!

Easy with easyVEGAN

With easyVEGAN you have products that are loved by ALL. With minimum efforts innumerable dishes can be quickly assembled to create a maximum satisfaction with your guests or loved ones.

Your advantage

  • No special favours anymore! easyVEGAN is loved by everyone!
  • Very easy ­– without defrosting directly from the freezer to the grill, into the pan, fryer or combi-steamer
  • Zero waste – need-based use, no mixing or thawing necessary
  • Resource-saving – easyVEGAN  saves you time and staff

Satisfied Consumers

The number of people with special dietary habits is growing rapidly. Time pressure and limited resources in the kitchen make it difficult to always respond optimally to all wishes.  easyVEGAN provides a remedy: The lentil products meet many different customer needs  at once. But the focus is always on taste. Create a smile of your loved ones or satisfied guests, who will return.

Pure enjoyment

easyVEGAN products are a fantastic meat alternative that is liked by everyone

The lentil –  the new “old” superfood

The easyVEGAN products rely on the power of the lentils – one of the oldest crops ever. For more than eight thousand years, it has been cultivated and consumed by humans.

The lentils arrived in Central Europe via Rome and Egypt from India and Central Asia. Lentil cultivation is widespread worldwide today. Lentils have long been considered as a food for poor people, but the small legumes are much more than that. Lentils are incredibly diverse, there are different varieties that are all nutritious.

The addedvalue foryour products:

  • purely vegetable – gluten-, lactose-free & palm oil-free, halal & kosher
  • 100% natural – without artificial flavors and preservatives
  • tasty & healthy – contains all essential amino acids, rich in omega 3 fatty acids
  • environmentally sustainable – production of lentils creates significant less CO2 and requires significantly less water than the meat production

Made in Austria

easyVEGAN products are manufactured exclusively in Austria.  The selection of raw materials also ensures the best quality, the highest possible regionality, ecological and social sustainability.

Cassandra Winter & Martin Jager founder of easyVEGAN

The easyVEGAN lentil products are exclusively available for gastronomy.

These can be ordered directly or ordered at Austrian wholesalers for catering, hotel and communal catering.